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If you're looking for an aboricultural consultant in Northamptonshire NN1 5 then you are on the right page, as this is a service which we specialise in. We are able to provide tree surveys, reports and general tree-maintenance in surrounding areas. This type of maintenance can vary from each project, from a fairly straightforward task to a complicated project which requires our specialist techniques and equipment. We have a range of experience which we've gained from being within the industry and working across the country. The benefits our local company when choosing the best option required for a project.

For more details on the variety of specialist arboriculturalist services which are available, we recommend that you enter your details into our application form and a member of our aboricultural consultant team will contact you as soon as they can.

What is an Arboriculturalist?

An arboriculturalist or aboricultural consultant is a specialist tree-surgeon. They will work with a variety of arboriculture aspects which includes growing of trees and plants, keep them healthy and maintained, and assisting with the removal of trees and plants.

What is an Arborist Report?

An arborist report is the analysis which has been created by an arboricultural consultant or arborist. The report will analyse the tree and plant condition to make sure that they are healthy and it good condition. This type of arboriculturalist service report is needed for tree areas which have a tree protection law in place.

What is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon is a professional in the industry of horticulture and horticultural maintenance. They regularly work on projects which include:

  • Felling - cutting the trees.

  • Pruning - removing certains parts of a plant or tree, for example the roots or branches.

  • Planting - new and older trees in different areas.

  • Replanting - old and new trees.

  • Splitting wood and logs.

  • Hedge trimming - for practicality if it is obstructing an area and also for a nice design.

  • Climbing trees - this can be the cut down certain parts of trees and also to check how it is and make sure it is healthy.

How to Become a Tree Surgeon

If you'd like to find out how to become a tree surgeon, please read the steps below:

Entry Requirements

There is no entry requirements which needed but on the job experience is highly valued.

Skill Set Needed

Able to use:

  • Ropes - for climbing and keeping you safe.

  • Harnesses - for climbing to keep to safe and secure.

  • Large equipment - for example chainsaws, power tools and stump grinders.

Able to Understand:

  • Maps - to know the area you are working on, understand which parts you can take down.

  • Plans - to understand which areas of the project you will be working with and know where a protected tree is.

Day to Day Duties:

  • Reviewing potential and current hazards from trees.

  • Assessing the health of plants and trees.

  • Pruning.

  • Removing stumps, branches and trees.

  • Planting and felling.


The salary average can change from £16,000 - £30,000. The average hours is 40 per week and there is potential to progress in this job from being a supervisor, manager or to owning your own business.

Arboriculturist Company Near Me

If you've searched to find an arboriculturist company near me, then you are probably wanting to locate one which is closest aboricultural consultant to you. As our arboriculturist team work nationwide, it would not be a problem for us to come and review your facility and carry out the aboricultural work that is required.

If you would like to receive a quote for the types of aboricultural work which we can carry out, or you would just like to enquire about a general arboriculturalist enquiry, all you need to do is start filling in your details in the application form.

Specialist Arboriculturalist Services

There are many aboricultural companies in this industry who claim to be experts but as they do not have enough experience or knowledge for what must be needed, they could cause further problems and even injure themselves. Many times we will be working with large machinery and this can be dangerous if you do not have enough experience or training. We offer a variety of specialist arboriculturalist services in Northamptonshire NN1 5 which can be provided around the UK. We have completed many arboriculturalist services and jobs across the country, they have all been varied task but we make sure we complete them to a very high standard.

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To find out more about the arboriculturalist services which our aboricultural consultant in Northamptonshire NN1 5 can provide, you should fill in the form which is on our website. As soon as we have received your enquiry, we can review it and respond to you with an appropriate and efficient option for your project. If you enter as much information as you can about the aboricultural service which you need, this will help our team decide the best type of service or maintenance which is needed. We appreciate that you have taken time to read this aboricultural information and we will be happy to help with any queries which you might have about the services available.

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